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West Yorkshire Wedding Decor

Creating Your Day

With our Range of Statement Decor

Our range below showcases our range of decor, from fabulous florals, stunning solid crystal, articulate acrylic pieces and more. Folletti Fleurs based in Yorkshire provide a capsule collection of statement decorations for wedding and events,  when used to style and dress a venue our decor compliments each other perfectly creating a beautiful ambiance.


Our bespoke items style your event beautifully and create a luxurious and opulent setting for any occasion, whilst also providing you and your guests with amazing photo opportunities of your special day.

'Duchess' Luxury Flower Wall2.jpg

'Duchess' Luxury Flower Wall

Bespoke Floral Filled Tree.jpg

8ft Floral Filled Bespoke Trees

9 Foot Weeping (Edit)4.jpg

9ft Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree Pink

Ivory Blossom Panels.jpg

Blossom Panels Ivory

smallcanadlabra (Edit).jpg

Small Crystal Candelabra

Pale Pink 1.8m Pink Blossom Trees Edit).

1.8m Blossom Tree Pink


Wooden Rustic Floral Arch

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Eternal Arch Ivory.jpg

Eternal Arch White -Ivory

10ft Ivory Blossom Canopy.jpg

10ft Blossom Canopy Ivory

10Ft Blossom Canopy Pink (Edit)3.jpg

10ft Blossom Canopy Pink

6 foot weeping (Edit)4.jpg

6ft Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree Pink

Floral Filled BABY Cube.jpg

Floral Filled BABY Cubes

largecanadlabra (Edit).jpg

Large Crystal Candelabra

Luxury Floral Cascading Centrepiece  (Ed

Luxury Floral Cascading Centrepiece

Hessian based floral hoop.jpg

Hessian Based Floral Hoops

Pink Cherry Blossom Eternal Arch.jpg

Eternal Arch Blush Pink

8ft Ivory Blossom Canopy.jpg

8ft Blossom Canopy Ivory

8.5 Foot Blossom Canopy Pink (edit)3.jpg

8ft Blossom Canopy Pink


Acrylic Sweetheart Table

Easel (Edit).jpg

Ornate Easel

Luxury Candelabra (Edit).jpg

Luxury Candelabra Topped Floral Cascading Pillars

Plinth  (Edit)2.jpg

Acrylic Pedestal

Artrificial Grass Pillars.jpg

Artificial Grass Pillars

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Japanese Blossom Tree_edited_edited.jpg

Japenese Blossom Canopy

10ftWishTree (Edit).jpg

15ft Blossom 'Wish Tree' Ivory

Floral Covered Pavilion.jpg

9x8ft Floral Filled Pavilion

AcrylicChairWide (edit)2.jpg

Acrylic Chiavari Chairs

Glossy Glass Lantern Pillar.jpg

Modern Gloss


TableRunner (Edit).jpg

Luxury Floral Runner


Light Up Floral Filled Platform


Soft Toy Animals (Various)

Blush Pink Blossom Tree_edited.jpg

Blossom Tree Blush Pink

2.1Ivory (Edit)2.jpg

2.1m Blossom Tree Ivory

Decorative Moon Arch.jpg

Decorative Moon Arch


Acrylic Cake Table 

Love Letter (L).jpg

Floral Filled LOVE Letters

1.8m Ivory Blossom Trees.jpg

1.8m Blossom Tree Ivory

Tea Light Holders.jpg

Crystal Tea Light Holders

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Complimentary Touches.jpg

Complimentary Touches

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